Pós-Graduação em Product Innovation ME310 STANFORD

ME310 STANFORD – Product Innovation Post-Graduation (Stanford University / Politécnico do Porto) is an interdisciplinary, project-based and team-based course for graduate students and represents a true integration of engineering, business and design disciplines.

In ME310, student teams work on innovation challenges proposed by corporate partners for nine months, learning and applying the Stanford/IDEO design process in product development to prototype, test and iterate to solve real world design challenges for multinational corporate sponsors. Through the projects, students go through an intense and iterative process of needfinding, ideation, and rapid prototyping to create and develop new product concepts.

Every team in ME310 collaborates with another team from a foreign university for the duration of the project. All teams in ME310 typically start their projects at Stanford University where they participate in a design thinking kick-off workshop and experience the entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley. Final proof-of-concept prototypes are typically presented at the Stanford Design EXPE each June in California. So, students travel twice to Stanford University. 

Mor information: https://portal.ipp.pt/me310.aspx


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