Professional Insertion Services Office

About us

The Professional Insertion Services Office (PISO) is one of the support structures of ESEIG which, together with the Students Support Office (SSO) of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, aims at promoting alumni and student's' academic, personal and professional development .

PISO is supervised by a faculty member, Ana Cláudia Rodrigues, and has the cooperation of Fátima Aguiar (Media Studies graduate) and trainees from the Human Resources course.

The PISO team wishes all ESEIG community an excellent school year.

Who we cater for

ESEIG's students and alumni interested in looking for a work placement or job or in training sessions that may improve their career integration.

External parties/ institutions that may be looking for trainees and/or staff members in the study areas covered by the School's courses.

What we do

PISO works mainly for ESEIG's students and alumni academic, personal and professional development.

PISO is made up by the Career Integration Unit and ESEIG's Observatory.

Activities of the Career Integration Unit

  • Manage work placement and job offers;
  • Training sessions on job search techniques and on transversal skills;
  • Make available free psychology appointments (together with the Students Support Office);

Activities of ESEIG's Observatory

  • Describe first year students;
  • Follow-up students' academic pathway;
  • Follow-up graduates' career pathway (employability);
  • Maintain and update databases of training providing companies (TPC) and employers that contact PISO;

PISO has the following generic competencies

  • Promote the integration process of all new students;
  • Promote, develop and coordinate any actions that favour students' integration and their academic success;
  • Give personalised support to students who need to solve psychological issues;
  • Promote the development of personal, interpersonal and professional competencies;
  • Promote students' vocational development;
  • Support extracurricular activities that stimulate career development;
  • Support the transition process into working life;
  • Accompany graduates in their working life;

PISO has the following specific competencies

  • Promote students' adjustment and vocational development;
  • Promote pre-working life experiences in the labour market;
  • Promote ESEIG's relations with employers and/or training providing companies;
  • Brief on existing support mechanisms, work placements and self-employment programmes;
  • Assist students and graduates in their career management;
  • Provide educational, complementing and differentiating opportunities;
  • Gather and provide relevant information about the students and about graduates' employability;
  • Support the social and educational process leading to academic and professional success;
  • Write the annual report of ESEIG's Observatory. 

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