Mission and Objectives

ESEIG's library provides information services to the academic community, thus contributing to the learning process and to the professional and personal developments of its users.

Our objectives are: 

  • Gather, preserve, treat and spread pedagogical, didactic, scientific, technical and technological knowledge and information needed for the implementation of the training, teaching, researching and local and regional development policies;
  • Collect, organise and disseminate the documental heritage produced within the School;
  • Provide appropriate spaces and equipment for teaching and researching;
  • Foster interest for research;
  • Stimulate reading habits;
  • Foster personal and cultural development.


The history of the library is merged with that of the School itself, as it began operating in the school year of 1990-91, with the purchase of the recommended bibliography for the undergraduate's degree in Accounting and Administration, taught at the Vila do Conde and Póvoa de Varzim campuses.

After moving to a new purposely-built building in Vila do Conde campus in 1993, the Library finally had its own space, made of two rooms: a reading room and a study room.

The Library finally had its own space at the campus of Póvoa de Varzim, as a consequence of the extension work it underwent and which was concluded in 1996.

The bibliographic assets has been growing steadily over the years, also as a consequence of the new degree programmes that have been created.

When both campuses were merged in one area, in a new building inaugurated in 2001, ESEIG's Library underwent the most significant change in its history. The new premises have several spaces for the exclusive use of the Library, which significantly improved its functioning.

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