International Relations Office

About us

The International Relations Office is part of the School of Management and Industrial Studies (ESEIG), and together with the International Programmes Office (GPI) of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP) promotes mobility study and work placement opportunities, both nationally and internationally, broadening the academic, personal and professional development of ESEIG's students and graduates.

IRO is supervised by a faculty member, Milena Carvalho, and has the daily contribution of Fátima Aguiar.

Who we cater for 

ESEIG's students, graduates, faculty and staff members who are keen on furthering their education with a multicultural learning experience.

We contact other national and international Higher Education Institutions or external parties that may accept accept our students and trainees to work/ train in the study areas covered by the School's courses

What we do

As far as ESEIG's internationalisation plans go, IRO promotes and disseminates mobility opportunities concerning work placement and study programmes, at home and abroad, for students, faculty and staff members. Our activities target the promotion of intercultural dialogue concerning gender equality, self-fulfillment, competitiveness and employability. We intend to stimulate entrepreneurship not only through educational activities but also through experiencing different cultures and languages, which leads to a more comprehensive and complete learning experience.

IRO supports national and international applicants during the administrative procedures, as well as with welcoming and including them in the social and academic milieus. 

The following mobility programmes stand out: Vasco da Gama, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Disney and Santander América do Sul.

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