Research Cell in Applied Languages

The Research Cell in Applied Languages (CIGLA) is a research and development unit based in ESEIG.IPP.
CIGLA is geared towards experimental research in the area of applied languages, rooted in such areas as applied linguistics, terminology and lexicology and didactics of languages for specific purposes.
CIGLA's activities include, in addition to the experimental research, knowledge and educational technology transfer activities, the production of learning materials and the provision of training and other services in the area of languages for specific purposes.

Within the framework of its activities, CIGLA seeks to develop research projects in partnership with other agents, particularly with other R&D units, but also with public and private organisations, to meet the strategic guidelines and three priority axes set out in the Operational Program for Science, Technology and Innovation, by which the mission of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, as well as ESEIG's, aligns, particularly with regard to:

  • The promotion of training and qualification;
  • The promotion of scientific production;
  • The integration into a modern network of R&D institutions;
  • Enhanced cooperation between companies and R&D institutions;
  • The valuation of the results of scientific research;
  • The development of integrated, inter-sectoral programs;
  • The incentive of experimental learning.
  • The dissemination of educational technologies.

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