Viva Matemática


VIVA@Mathematics is a project developed at ESEIG-IPP, which was granted financing from Concurso Ciência Viva VI, a programme co-financed by ERDF and POCI2010.

General Information

Low academic achievement is a problem affecting a large proportion of all students, and students at ESEIG are no exception.
Concern for this issue and for the quality of education in ESEIG sustains the continued search for different measures to correct the present state of affairs.
The project ViVA@Mathematics - a different way of learning Mathematics - developed from the field of Mathematics, and, as the name suggests, presents some alternatives to the dissemination of Mathematics, not only within ESEIG's community, but to all those who so wish, through the requisition of its Travelling Exhibitions.


This project has developed around four main objectives:

  • Create an opening for the transfer of Mathematical knowledge to the Community;
  • Discuss and communicate Mathematics in alternative ways;
  • Highlight the presence of Mathematics in the natural surroundings;
  • Promote a taste for Science and discovery.

To achieve these objectives, we developed a range of initiatives based on a large number of activities. These activities, collected over the years, fall into categories with names as suggestive as:
Numerical Curiosities, Logic Activities and Mental Calculation, Puzzles, Geometrical Curiosities, Magic Tricks, Computer Activities, Optical Illusions, Biographies and Origami, and may be experienced in the Travelling Exhibitions that the project holds in varied locations.


Our project has 3 exhibitions made up of different sets of intective activities:

  • Exhibition Viva@Mathematics Orange
  • Exhibition Viva@Mathematics Blue
  • Exhibition Viva@Mathematics Green

Any School or institution can hold such exhibitions on request. 

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